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Please listen to the song while watching our journey for a better experience

The Happy Indian Village was formed in 2007 out of donation of 18 acres of land at Hasegaon village by SHANTESHWAR SANGRAMAPPA MUKTA to his friend Mr. Ravikant Bapatle a graduate in journalism, who was moved with the plight of the orphaned HIV inherited kids.


A barren patch of land today is a thriving green village camaflouging the struggle and grit of the the persons behind making this a happy village for the kids who arrived in this world not knowing what awaited them.


It is stigma even today but was even greater stigma back then in 2007. The incorporation was met with stiff resistance from locals at times. This period also saw murder attempt on Mr. Ravikant Bapatle to thwart the project from coming up. Overcoming this resistance, the lack of social empathy, the shortage of resources, the lack of medical supplies today it has 85 residents of varying age group.


While it met with resistance over the years, it has also received lot of support from samaritans. The media took notice allowing the work to be showcased.


A greater challenge awaits now as the kids reach working age there is need to develop talent and skill that will allow them to be independent and contribute to the society in meaningful way. In partnership with SAAA Consultants India Pvt Ltd, the village will soon have computer lab and training in various digital skill sets which will enable the kids to make their mark in digital economy.

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