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Our Contributors

Happy Indian Village is thankful to the government, government official, workers, donors, contributors, friends of Happy Indian Village.


Our special thanks to journalist/media who have have highlighted our story to the world.


We are grateful to various personalities who have made it to our village and given inspiration for us to fight another day.


Last but not the least the volunteers, philantropers, foundations and NGOs, who have without expectations and in untiring way lent their mite to the cause.


We highlight few of our contributors and apologize, if we missed anyone in the process.

Mr Shanteshwar Sangramappa Mukta

A man with a golden heart donated 6 acres of land to his childhood friend Mr. Ravi Bapatle which paved the way for setting up of the Happy Indian Village. God bless the philanthropic Mr. Mukta

Mr Aniket Lohiya (Manav Lok Sanstha, Ambejogai)

The building of the artificial pond was rooted in the ability to have earth digging equipment. The earth digging equipment was beyond the financial capabilities of the village. However, philanthropist Mr. Lohiya arranged for the JCB earthmoving equipment that led to start of the work. The construction of the pond set the ball rolling and their were contributors who contributed diesel, the habitants did the labour work, journalists helped with carrying the story funds started trickling in and the project got completed.

Mr Mahesh Rupani

In 2019, the village saw solemnisation of marriage attended by noted journalist Ms. Jayashree Khadilkar which led to conceptualisation of harnessing solar energy. This led to introduction of Mr. Mahesh Rupani, Mumbai who undertook the cost (INR 14 lakhs) and installation of solar panels for the kitchen and solar water pump on the well.

Aseem Foundation

Aseem Foundation has contributed in various ways whether its funding for the school bus to ferry the children to schools, funding the gap in making of water pond to funding the dwelling of the married couples. It has also assisted on educational front through various initiatives. We thank them for putting us also on world wide web along with their contributors from SAAA Capital viz. Ms. Amishi Patil, Ms. Sejal Dukhande, Mr. Vineet Bhavsar and Mr. Mohamed Yasin, the principal web designer and donor of the hosting fees.

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